MLA: Bibliographies: Books no longer standard

Modern Language Association
Modern Language Association

From Ars Technica. Seems that even the conservative MLA sees the writing on the wall. No longer are books the standard for making a bibliography entry. Now you have to say which kind of media. Also, other arguments about how to quote a web page.

The changes are part of MLA’s seventh edition of the Handbook, published last month, whose predictably soporific cover design belies the radical citation changes within. As Inside Higher Ed describes the changes, “print is the default no more” and the new edition suggests “that the medium of publication should be included in each works cited entry.”

New Reading, New Writing

Will Richardson over at Web-logg-ed has a very interesting article about how new technology will change how we read. He points us toward an article in the Wall Street Journal by Steven Johnson, one of my favorite writers. Johnson talks about how the eBook will change reading, primarily through its ease of use, immediate access to an entire library, and linked information and sharing your thoughts in an ongoing discussion with friends and strangers.

This linking and discussion takes place using web sites like diigo, or digg, or evernote. Annotating, marking up, adding comments in the “margins”, tagging and sharing. I think he is spot on. I can’t wait to get my Kindle.