I have been working at the intersection of language teaching and technology for almost 30 years (had to know when it started, the connection). One of the best influences I have discovered, following the sharing of new content in the Tokyo PC Users Group (an excellent learning experience), was a MOOC. I was a member of the first real MOOC 10 years ago, hosted by our current host as part of a team of 3 or 4. A truly revolutionary idea to tap the expertise around the globe on a topic of great interest to me. Connected Learning.

E Learning 3.0: And now we have a look at how this idea of MOOC is morphing, how it is influenced by other factors, technical and social, and where we might be headed as I head for retirement. Like Sylvia Curry, another “Old Fogie” and my first connection in what I hope will be a rich web, this is a personal look for my future, as well as my current students at a women’s university in Tokyo.

I hope to see you there.  I was interviewed by iTDi last week, if you have an hour, you can find out about where I stand on most of these issues.


One thought on “E Learning 3.0, A MOOC for the Future”
  1. Hi Kevin, I’m just barely following #el30 at the moment. Sitting at Haneda right now to fly to JFK for some family time and a conference. I saw the logo and thought you had gRSShopper installed, but I guess this is WP. I plan to get it going after I return from the States. I’ll let you know how it goes or maybe we can set it up together if you want.

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