Generation We, the Millenials

This is a 4-minute plea from the generation that will take over from the boomers to vote in this election. Only the oldest of this largest generation in American history will get to vote, but now is the start of the takeover. Just in time.

Save yourself from shit

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I really enjoy large non-fiction books about a single simple subjects. Salt, for example. Or networks. Or candy. Now one has come out about sewage. Rose George is an investigative journalist. I’ve got this one on order.

The story of civilization has been the story of separating you from your waste. British investigative journalist Rose George’s stunning—and nauseating—new book opens by explaining that a single gram of feces can contain “ten million viruses, one million bacteria, one thousand parasite cysts, and one hundred worm eggs.” Accidentally ingesting this cocktail causes 80 percent of all the sickness on earth.


You remember the old Wassup commercials by Annheiser-Busch for Budweiser beer, right?

Now you can see an updated version for our times, with a nice twist at the end.


This is a short clip about beer, and friends, and women. Guess which one gets the highest priority?

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Social Media Classroom

In a recent report by Sarah Perez over at ReadWriteWeb we discover Howard Rheingold has been busy making the Social Media Classroom.  This may have a significant effect on Moodle, another open-source project for a CMS (Classroom Management System). Although they are different, with SMC focusing on communication, and Moodle focusing on Management, I foresee that both will rapidly start looking more and more like each other.