Others named Kevin Ryan

Others named Kevin Ryan

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Rodney Fincham is looking for the artists Kevin and April Ryan who created the obscure album Living in the Light, manufactured in Washington, PA. He wants to buy more copies.

Pam Karr is looking for a Kevin Ryan, born @ 1956-8. Grew up in Jericho, Long Island, NY, graduated Holy Trinity HS, Hicksville NY, graduated SUNY Stony Brook. (7/2007)

Kevin Ryan is now split between Des Plaines, Illinois, where he is the Senior VP for Transportation at Sovereign Deed, and California, where his lovely and talented wife commands an Air Force Squadron. After returning from Iraq in November of 2006, he demobilized and went back to ATA airlines for a short
period. Kevin, a Senior Amy Aviator, retired from the Army Reserve in June,
2007. He’ll again return to German language studies in September of 2007. (Updated
from 4/2005 to 7/2007)

Kevin S. Ryan, Jr. from McKeesport, PA, currently a civil engineering major at NC State University in Raleigh. Also father Kevin S. Ryan, DDS is a dentist in Elizabeth, PA. (5/2007)

Kevin John Ryan from Melbourne Australia is a retired engineer who now loves to play golf. (5/2007)

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in1977, with a degree in Immunology/Pharmacology and a Masters degree
in IT Systems Kevn Ryan works in Glasgow as a Software Developer. Interests include football, golf, weight/fitness training and the occassional pint ;o) (4/2007)

Kevin Patrick Ryan, born in St.Louis Mo. Family from Tipp. Ireland. 31 year old Chemical Engineer now living near Seattle in Bellingham Wa. Works for a manufacturing consulting company named RCG Strategies Inc. (Ryan Consulting Group). Father (Patrick James Ryan) and Kevin started the company and now work side by side growing their business. Family is all located now in Bellingham Wa. (11/2006)

Kevin Ryan born and bred in Hamilton, New Zealand is 29 years old (engaged with two kids) and works for City Parks and also a part time musician. Of course he is a big All Blacks rugby fan. (10/2006)

Kevin John Ryan is the grandson of Patrick Joseph Ryan. Born 1939, retired in Adelaide, Australia with wonderful wife Kay . Loves football Aust rules, cricket and grand children. Worked as a Lithographer for many years then as a Store man for Mitsubishi. (8/2006)

Kevin Gerard Ryan, 46, 3rd generation San Franciscan currently living in Oakland and working as a Sous Chef at the Palace Hotel in San Francisico. (6/2006)

Kevin D. Ryan, hails from Raleigh, NC but was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio. Kevin’s home page. (6/2006) New baby, too!

Dave Ducheneau is searching for his cousin , Kevin Thomas Ryan who was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts around 1958 or 1959. I haven’t seen him or spoken to him since about 1972. He had a minor role in the movie “Best Little Whorehouse In Texas” with Dolly Parton. He was one of the “aggies” , the texas
football dancers in the lockerroom. (5/2006)

Kevin Laurence Ryan of Upper Newcastle, Galway Ireland, has traveled extensively in the Middle East in the 80s and 90s. In Baghdad from 1985 to 1990 and then in Saudi Arabia to 1992, he continued work in the Middle East up to 2004, visiting Iran, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain AND Lebanon, mostly selling Medical Equipment and devices. He currently looking to Purchase a STERRAD-100S Sterilizer, provided the price is right. (4/2006)

Kevin Robert Ryan, owner of JCF Communications, a call center in beautiful Austin TX, father of three wonderful children. He enjoys fishing on the Texas coast with an ice cold Coors Light. (2/2006)

Kevin Ryan from Melbourne Australia likes drinking and fishing. (11/2005)

Kevin Joseph Ryan, 23, an assistant editor for Discovery Channel shows, lives in South Pasadena, CA. (9/2005)

Kevin Ryan lives in Fort Worth Texas. (7/2005)

kevin patrick ryan handyman living in chelsea central london uk likes asahi beer (japanese). (7/2005)

Kevin Michael Ryan is in sales in his home town of San Diego, California. The loves of his life are Smudge and Little, and one day he hopes to be able to tell them so. (05/2005)

Kevin Michael Ryan living in Belleville Illinois employed with Cingular wireless as a sales executive.  (05/2005)

Kevin Ryan in Corpus Christi (was Virginia) was a former Chicago policeman, an officer in the Army Reserve, and a 737 pilot at American Trans Air. He is currently an Army LTC running the Apache Longbow Rebuild line near Corpus Christi, TX. His wife is an active duty Major at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. (4/2005)

Correctional Officer Kevin James Ryan, is 24 years old and lives in Santa Barbara (lucky guy! -ed.), CA, USA. (3/2005)

Kevin Mark Ryan, age 32, lives in the south of England and works as a labourer. (3/2005)

Kevin Robert Ryan from Montreal Canada just had a baby girl named Maria.  (I’m guessing it was really his wife who had the baby -ed.) (2/2005)

Kevin Joseph Ryan from Rexdale , Ontario Canada is a municipal lawyer.

Two Kevin Ryans in this family; Dad Kevin Eugene Ryan and son Kevin Michael Ryan, hailing from Indiana. (1/2005)

Kevin William Ryan is an attorney, public health policy researcher and Associate Director of the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement and faculty member at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Public Health in Little Rock, Arkansas. (12/2004)

Kevin R. is from New Jersey and loves Dana. (11/2004)

Art student Kevin Ryan from Dublin Ireland now living in Wexford Ireland. (11/2004)

Fourteen years old and living in England, this Kevin Ryan wants to be a lawyer when he gets older. (11/2004)

Another world traveler, Kevin Ryan is now at Xaverian Missionaries at Sacred Heart Parish in the Archdiocese of Glasgow in Brigeton, Scotland. A novitiate at 18,  he has served in Parma Italy and Sierra Leon, Africa. He is now teaching and doing hospice work. (10/2004)

Kevin Thomas Ryan, from Baltimore, Maryland, wife Denise, Land Surveyor/Construction Manager and Boater, 43 years. (9/2004)

Kevin Sean Ryan born Windsor, Ontario Canada 1959, resides in London Ontario with wife Leslie and three lovely daughters. He has been an elementary School Oral French teacher for the past 20 years (10 more to go!) (8/2004)

Mike Gold is looking for a Kevin Ryan who would be no younger than 45 who attended University of Florida in the late 1970s and was a Grateful Dead Fan. His brother lived in Atlanta and I believe that he was raised in Miami. (7/2004)

Kevin M. Ryan from Merrick attended Calhoun High School. Played college basketball at Colgate University class of ’82. Currently a Vice President and SunTrust Bank in Nashville, TN. (7/2004)

38 yr old Kevin Robert Ryan, 20 yrs in the army all at Fort Bragg NC (USA), 15 yrs in 82nd airborne. hooah!! (6/2004)

Kevin Michael Ryan from Limerick, currently working as a research scientist in Southampton UK. Fan of Limerick Hurling and Munster Rugby. (6/2004)

Kevin Joseph Ryan from Cincinnati, Ohio lives in nearby Hamilton and works as a Senior Manager with the consulting firm Accenture.  Class of 1982 Reading, (OH) High and 1986 University of Cincinnati. (5/2004)

Kevin Patrick Ryan from Kansas served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and now is studying at  Rend Lake College in Ina, IL. (3/2004)

Kevin John Ryan, born 1952 in Lymington, Hampshire, England, whose father was born in Mitchelstown, co. Cork, Republic of Ireland. He likes to travel to Ireland and New York with wife Patricia. He is in charge of and
part owner of a Ship Repair Company called Testbank in the port of Southampton, England. (3/2004)

Kevin Christopher Ryan is 26 yrs. old and living in San Antonio, TX (2/2004)

Kevin Ryan in Mt Prospect, Illinois is celebrating the first anniversary of my 39th birthday this year (Feb 2004), He has three wonderful kids.  Married to Tammy Ryan (ne McMillan) for 12 years. He enjoys playing Flight Simulator and History.   (1/2004)

Kevin R. Ryan is a 29 year old Infantry Captain currently commanding a company with the 1st Battalion (M), 8th Infantry in Iraq. Parents raised in Connecticut, he was raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  He currently calls Colorado Springs, CO home.  Sister Keri R. Ryan lives in Brooklyn.  He graduated from West Point in 1996 a year behind a rugby friend  whose wife’s brother (from Long Island) was named Kevin Ryan.(12/2003)

Kevin Ryan, born 1974, in Mullingar, County, Westmeath, Ireland. where he works as a builder, now working on his own house (when not vacationing in France). A cousin from Mullingar lives in Texas is named Father Kevin Ryan. (12/2003)

Mark Ryan and his wife conspired to produce a wonderful coincidence. Their father Kevin John Ryan turns 80 next year on the 1st of March. Their son Kevin Mark Ryan, turns 13 next year on the 1st of March. Good trick, ehh? Their family line goes back through William John Ryan 1890-1966 to Michael Ryan 1860-1935 to Edward Ryan 1821-1900 of Tipperary Cty, Ireland. Migrated to Australia 1859. (12/2003)

Kevin Ryan is a server assistant at PF Chang’s China Bistro in Boca Raton, Florida. He is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Higher Education Management from Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton. (12/2003)

A Chinese man whose English name is Kevin Ryan is an overseas manager in a software company. He leads a team to produce video hardware now. Pls view www.cvics.comwww.elgato.com for details. (12/2003)

An osteopath living and working in the State of Victoria in Australia has our name. You can find further details at his web site. (10/2003)

Kevin Patrick Ryan is a High School teacher of Physical Education/Health in Rhode Island. He enjoys the Red Sox, Patriots, sports, hiking, camping and just being outdoors. He has three children, Connor, Tess and Jayna. Trying to keep the Irish name going. Wife Susan is from Nebraska. (10/2003)

Kevin-Michael Patrick Joseph Ryan, born July just after WW2 ended, is from Dorchester, Massachusetts but now lives just south in Weymouth and is a Corporate Team Leader for Partners Healthcare System, in Charlestown. His foks hail from St. John’s Newfoundland and his wife spent her childhood in Poland. (09/2003)

Kevin J. Ryan, 25,  is from Sligo Ireland works with Rathedmond ENG. (08/2003)

Kevin John Ryan lives in New York City with wife Donna and son, Sean Patrick He is the Manager of Sales Planning for the largest Radio Network in the U.S (Premiere Radio Networks). (7/2003)

kevin ryan 22 is a fire fighter in glasgow, scotland. hobbies include weight training football swimming and cycling.(7/2003)

kevin patrick ryan, born 1988, is a sophomore in HS in manasquan, new jersey. hobbies include hanging out with friends and doing stuff at the beach, lacrosse and soccer, punk rock music. (7/2003)

Oddly enough, another Kevin Robert Ryan, named after his father Robert Kevin Ryan, just like someone else on the list. He is 18 and lives in Michigan and will be attending college this fall. (7/2003)

A KR wrote to me, “I wonder if you’ve noticed any similarities in the interests or activities of these KRs. Like me, there are several who are interested in sports and science, and some who play guitar. Could we be destined for certain traits simply because of what we are named?” Answer: the only commonality I can find among the KRs on this page is CREATIVITY. (7/2003)

This Kevin (Paul) Ryan lives in the heart of England and is the director of Charnwood Arts, an on-line/off line community arts organisation. Born 1957. (5/2003)

kevin ryan is 14 years of age and lives in California. Mysterious, too. (4/2003)

Lisa Byrd has a boyfriend named Kevin Ryan, and is checking whether it is OK to put his info on the site. (4/2003)

Kevin was born two weeks after the host of this site, in 1956. He lives in Beloit, Wisconsin.  Computer Professional.  Blue Belt/Red Stripe in Tae Kwon Do, Black Belt in Kickboxing.  http://webpages.charter.net/kryan Soon to be engaged to a lady from Ukraine.  (she is teaching him Russian) and plan to visit Ukraine in fall 2003. (4/2003)

Kevin Ryan is a doctoral student at the University of Illinois-Department of Food Science. PhD May 2003. Extremely interested in food: culinary and science. (03/2003)

Kevin James Ryan from Brisbane Australia is a professional speaker. Born in Australia in 1955, he is the son of James (Patrick) Ryan from Charleville, Co Cork. Website; Email (02/2003)

Kevin John Ryan was born in 1953 in Ringwood, Hampshire in the UK. His father was from just outside Dublin in Ireland. He looks after a large estate of Victorian apartments in London.(02/2003)

Cathy Lee Ryan’s younger brother is named Kevin Michael Patrick Ryan,born March 1970 he is a web
designer and semi-pro downhill mountain bike rider in Washington State. Their father is Michael Patrick Ryan of Dublin, Ireland immigrated to America 1957-58, and his father was the late Patrick Michael Ryan of Ireland.(02/2003)

Kevin M. Ryan, 24, from Victoria, British Columbia,,Canada,,is earning a degree in Elementary Education. He is a prolific rock-climber, writer, and whiskey-drinker. (02/2003)

Kevin Robert Ryan (39ish) from South Bend, Indiana is in some way connected to the very cool educational site www.jazzscience.com.

Kevin Patrick Ryan, born 1956 [same year as the host of this site] and lives in Deer Park, California in the Napa Valley with his 3 children. He is a Respiratory Therapist, working in Pulmonary Rehabilitation,  Smoking Cessation and Nicotine Addiction programs.  Prior to moving to the Napa Valley in 1998, he was a  Senior Therapist on the Lung Transplant Team at the University of Pennsylvania
in Philadelphia. (01/2003)

kevin joseph ryan doesn’t use capital letters, which probably stems from overuse of the computer. known to his friends as ‘kage’, he is 23, lives in san diego california, and is working on a book combining the topics of social theory, evolutionary systems, new approaches to the question of human
nature, and utopia. he’s into writing electronic music, graphic design, and software development. check out his cool web

T. Kevin Ryan, 49, is from Cleveland, but lives in Indianapolis. He is a Human Resources Manager for the Sherwin-Williams Co. His grandfather was born in Limerick, Ireland. Go Ryans! (11/2002)

Kevin Thomas Ryan, from Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada, lives on his farm in South Pinette, Prince Edward Island, Canada where he grows the herb summer savory. He has lived in six of Canada’s ten
provinces as well as South Korea for a time teaching English. At 30, with a degree in English Literature from Acadia University, he is a singer/songwriter/musician. He has two albums of original music (The Way and Duality) and is working on his third. Check out his wonderful website: www.KevinRyanMusic.com.

Kevin Christopher Ryan is from washington state. a freshman in high school who likes hunting and sports.

Double whammy here, both Junior and Senior, and almost went 3 generations!
Kevin Robert Ryan II is 27 years old and lives in Portland Maine. He is an Art Student with a concentration in education. He loves creating art, but also loves to teach ideas that challenge conventional ways of viewing the world. Kevin Robert Ryan is 46 years old and is the first born child of seven, named indirectly for his father Robert Kevin Ryan. He lives in a small rustic town in Maine and works doing odd jobs including work on cars. He has a junkyard permit and his back yard looks like a scene out of “Sanford and Son”

Kevin Christopher Ryan from Salem Oregon is a 19-year-old Engineering student at Chemeketa Community College and a huge electronics fan.

A 51-year-old owner of a manufacturer’s representative agency in central New Jersey, selling process equipment to the pharmaceutical and chemical process industries. Originally from New York, Kevin’s grandparents came from a town called Horse and Jockey in Southern Ireland. Kevin and wife Kathleen have 2 kids, Kaitlin and Kristopher.

Kevin Michael Ryan grew up on Staten Island, New York, from 1959 to 1978, Chesterfield, Va. since

(The Real) Kevin J Ryan is a 10th grade student at De LA Salle Institute in Chicago.  He enjoy the White Sox and Bears like Kevin Patrick Ryan.

Kevin J. Ryan, from Tecumseh, Mich. has never been to Tokyo, but whose mom was born in Kyoto. How about that?

KR is 27 years old, from Scotland in the United Kingdom, and works as a Technician at a University.

Kevin Ryan from Hillsdale, Michigan is an 11th grade student.

Kevin Patrick Ryan from Chicago Illinois is a 10-year-old fifth grader at St. Barnabas in Chicago, and loves the White Sox and the Bears.

Kevin A. Ryan is a Network Administrator for the International Brake and Clutch Company and teaches Networking and Disaster Recovery at a local community college.

Kevin Carl Ryan is 18 years old and a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in Science, Technology, and Culture.  Originally from just outside Detroit.

Kevin Ryan is from Lockport, New York with wife Kim and 6 year old son and 1 year old twin daughters. Lockport was a major destination for Irish emigration in the 1800’s. The construction of the locks and canal at Lockport was made possible largely by Irish and Irish-American labor. The population of Lockport continues to have a high percentage of population of Irish descent. Besides the plaque on the Big Bridge these early Lockportians, along with Irish who went to other destinations such as Boston and New York City, were honored by the United States Postal Service in 1999 with a special commemorative stamp. The picture on the stamp show boats leaving Ireland in the early 1800’s. Fire hydrants where also invented and first used to fight fires in Lockport by the inventor Birdsill Holly.

Kevin Brendan Ryan is from Dublin, Ireland, but now lives in London, working as an analyst with Morgan Stanley. He is a big football fan of Arsenal, enjoys computers and discussing politics.

Kevin M. Ryan is a stay at home Dad in Miamisburg Ohio.

Kevin Ryan from Arnold, Maryland, a firefighter/ EMT, will be going into the Marine Corps. soon.

Katherine (Albert) Baluta from Hamtramck, MI is trying to find a Kevin William Ryan who was a dear friend whom she discarded foolishly. FOUND through this site. Glad to see you get together!

Kevin Sean Ryan, born ’53, married to Chris, works for AOL/Time Warner in Denver, Colorado. He is the lead guitarist/singer in a nostalgic rock band, The Nacho Men – www.nachomen.com and goes by Frankie
in the band [Do we approve? The music, yes. The name change? Not sure…-ed.].

Guitarist and lead singer Kevin Vincent Ryan of Manassas, Virginia is a  sophomore in the class of 2004 and hopes to attain stardom.  His local band is called GroundZero.

Kevin Patrick Thomas Ryan lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with wife Nancy. He is a videographer for
local government.

Kevin Michael Ryan is from County Galway, Ireland. He’s 12 years old and in 6th class of Tiernascragh N.S . (How do you pronounce that?)

Jeff Winett is looking for a Kevin Ryan who posts many tantalizing recipes at a site called allrecipes.com.

Kevin (no middle name) Ryan is 19 and an economics student at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, KY. He was born on April 11, 1981 in Ironton, Ohio.

Kevin W. Ryan from Dayton, Ohio (a graduate of Texas A&M University) resides in Nashville,
Tennessee. He works in computer software and also writes/produces music on the side.

Kevin T. Ryan lives in Strongsville, Ohio and is a Sales Manager for Midwest Wine & Spirits.
Debbie Ryan works at a pharmaceutical company. (Liquor and drugs?) They have two boys, Colin and Connor.

Anne Stamps is looking for the birth mom of Kevin Michael Ryan. (Ryan is adopted last name) His adoption was handled by Catholic Social Service in Phoenix, AZ. Born 12-20-1968 at St. Joseph Hospital, Phoenix, AZ. Mothers name “SUSETTE” age 21 unmarried. Please email her directly at LstCensus@aol.com

Kevin Ryan is in the 7th grade and hails from the Palmetto State (hint: He is a supporter of the Confederates). He enjoys computers and USC football.

Kevin Willis Ryan is 19 and an engineering student and Ultimate Disc (frisbee?) player at Ohio State University. He also does two-story bonging, beats computer and video games, and spends
time with his wonderful girlfriend Jenni. email

Kevin Ryan is a flower arranger in Dublin, Ireland. He loves to travel to San Francisco, Sydney and Amsterdam. He also works part time for equal rights in Ireland with The George Equality Society.

Kevin S. Ryan is a hairdresser in Cork Ireland. He co-owns a hair/beauty salon and is an image consultant, a L’Oreal colour degree specialist graduate, and a L’Oreal educator.

Kevin A. Ryan is a kindergarten student in Syracuse, New York. His hobbies are playing on the computer, scooby doo, and learning to read.

Kevin Ryan lives in a suburb of Chicago called Berwyn, work in an auto parts store, enjoy flying, WWII airplanes, of course computers, and mostly scuba diving.

Kevin Michael Ryan lives in Saratoga Springs, New York. He is a  Web Master  at the Northeast’s (US) largest and fastest-growing ISP. He was born on July 30, 1977 and would flip if any other Kevin Ryans were born on the same day.

Kevin A. Ryan lives and works in Washington DC. in IT, specifically as a consultant to the US military. He is also a competitive distance runner, and has run in several marathons including the 2000 Boston Marathon.

Businessman Kevin Ryan of Limerick Ireland works with the national supply company ESB and consults with various projects in the industrial division….I am married to Audrey and have two girls Allison and Kelly.

Scientist Kevin Michael Ryan now lives in Princeton, New Jersey and works  for Wyeth-Ayerst research in the central nervous system department.

Programmer Kevin Ryan is at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory is concerned about security of Wintel machines.

Kevin William Ryan is a Senior Logistics Analyst at a Defense Contractor in Arlington, VA


Professor Kevin Ryan is the Dean of the College of Informatics & Electronics of the University
of Limerick.

State Representative Kevin Ryan, of Hartford, Connecticut. (139th Assembly District) is conservative.

President and COO Kevin Ryan heads up the web company DoubleClick in New York.

Guitar maker Kevin Ryan is one of the premier guitar builders in this Golden Age of guitar luthiery.

Conservative Republican Kevin Ryan publishes on the web. He’s from Lehigh Valley, in Pennsylvania.

Middle school student Kevin Ryan lives in Colchester, Vermont, and has a web page that is hard to read.

Lawyer Kevin  Ryan is a Partner of Mayhills law firm in England.

Tax lawyer Kevin Ryan hails from West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Adjunct Professor Kevin Ryan teaches at Howe School of Technology Management in the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

Also found an Editor of books on Catholicism (figures), another Editor of
Star Trek books, and a pigeoner somewhere in a country named .za on the internet.

Kevin William Ryan is a Senior Logistics Analyst at a Defense Contractor in Arlington, VA