Kevin in Yoyogi blog will return to personal musings of Kevin Ryan in Tokyo (aka tokyokevin). The audience I will now aim at is more specific in one way, and more general in another.

I have a lot of students who wonder what is going on in the world. And the language learning world. And their world, but through English.

So from now on I will be posting about interesting things I find on the web, and for language learners. I will write in simpler English to make it easier for non-native speakers to understand.

My model here is either, where Mr. Kottke has been posting interesting things for 25 years, or NextDraft, a daily newsletter of 5 interesting things in the news. Dave Pell makes it interesting by making the titles of his news with lots of puns.

I’m going to invite my students to read (not require, mind you), and comment on these posts. I hope to bring a lot of stuff I usually post in Facebook here.

I plan to follow Cory Doctorow’s practice of post once (in one place) and then add links in messages to all different social media. (What’s the term for this? I can’t find it.

Looking forward to posting more here. Also, see my other blog about technology in language teaching at