Google Translate Update

Google Translate has added new features making it a lot easier to use. For those of us in Japan, the best one is “romanization” which allows you to get the pronunciation through roman letters of the kanji in question. Read more about it at Mashable. Here is a video that shows the new features.

GTDInbox works…unless it really works

I finally emptied by inbox, the holy grail of GTD (Getting Things Done, a book by David Allen). GTD is a system of organizing and dealing with incoming information. Most of that information for me is in the form of email. A great implementation of the system in software is the GTDInbox, a free Firefox add-on that really works well.

It was, therefore, funny, today, to get an error message for GTD, presumably because my inbox was empty!

UPDATE! A nice GTDInbox employee pointed out this was a problem with my web access, not with GTDInbox.

Error message for GTDinbox
Error message for GTDinbox
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