Kevin Ryan in Tokyo

3 thoughts on “Recumbent fixed, again

  1. Mel and Amy Smith here—actually, it may be bike shop owners. I have had great luck with them everywhere in terms of money, help, advice. Glad you are well. I am still riding upright and wondering how you keep from falling off a recumbent(sp). If you fly this way to Denver please let us know and come for a visit. Mel

  2. Hey, looks like you've lost weight and looking great! The bike story does say a lot about Japan. Here, fixing anything is a very pricey thing and most people just buy new. Probably why our garbage is shipped out of the country since we have so much. I know it's illegal but heard it's being done.

  3. Hey Kevin!
    Great article. I would love to hear about the medical care / expenses of Japan. That is of course, such a huge topic of debate and interest ere in the U.S. We are all very hopeful that Obama will do as he said.

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