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There are TOOLS and there are tools. The last 4 tools I’ve brought to you have been BIG tools. They tend to do a lot and require some learning. Other tools are simple, quick and really effective immediately. This is one of those tools.

Daily Lit sends you small portions of books to you by email or RSS (see Tool #3) to your computer or mobile however often you want. Many of these books are classics, or are newer ones freely available (through Creative Coomins, another upcoming tool).

I asked Daily Lit to send me a book about cheese. It suggested daily chapters for 20 days after I told it how much time I have to read. So now, each day, I get part of a book about cheese.

You can tell it how often to send you chapters, and how long each chapter should be. This is absolutely great for reading in the train or while waiting in line.

Literature teachers should take note, you could assign homework using this site, and tell students how often and how much, and it would be delivered just in time to each student.