Ogawa-sensei remembered that I had brought Obama’s acceptance speech to Cosmos Festival in November. He asked me if I had a good copy (better than the one on YouTube). Ogawa-sensei, I’ll bring it in on Monday.

Obama’s speeches are legendary now. I’ve been following him since 2004, and he continues to amaze.

President Barack Obama gives his inaugural address. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty
President Barack Obama gives his inaugural address. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

The text and video of his speech show initially that his Inauguration speech on Tuesday may have had lukewarm reception at first.

But when you start to look at the speech carefully, his mastery shows. It is a new style of speech, more measured, more exact, and it leads to discussion and interpretation. He is moving the ideas front and center, instead of personalities.

Stanley Fish, Dean of my university (Uof I , Chicago) when I was there (now former) and widely read columnist for the New York Times, looks closely at Obama’s speech, and shows us the intricacies. He thinks we should use this speech in our English classes, because of its

Paratactic prose lends itself to leisurely and loving study, and that is what Obama’s speech is already receiving. Penguin Books is getting out a “keepsake” edition of the speech, which will be presented along with writings by Abraham Lincoln and Ralph Waldo Emerson. (You can move back and forth among them, annotating similarities and differences.)

I can’t wait for the new Penguin Edition to come out. After their ground-breaking WeTellStories, I am really looking forward to more experimentation on augmenting regular text. Penguin is really innovative.

My (younger) daughter will be giving a part of an Obama speech on February 14 at the Jr/Sr high school on campus. She picked it out last September, and hopes to take it to the National Finals of the Hachishibu Speech Contest. I’ll put up a video after.

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  1. Obama’s speech was just right. You could see that from the tear-streaked faces of so many of those gathered on the National Mall on Tuesday, people who had stood for hours in the cold January wind just to be there, part of history. Hope his economic policies will also start to give desired results. I have many ideas how about economic policies which I read it from David Korten’s new book it good and seems effective.

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