Tool #23: Zotero, for the researcher

Save and organize research

Save and organize research

Research is always part of a student and teacher’s life in a university, in any language. Zotero makes collecting research on the web a lot easier. This Firefox plugin (they have a new MS Word plugin too) helps you collect your research, organize it and keep it ready for use at any time. Just hit the Zotero button in the corner of your browser, up pops a small window, you can collect the link, the entire page, or parts of the page, as you like.

Zotero really shines when you need to make a bibliography. You can go to Amazon, or any other site with standard references, and Zotero will collect all the bibliographic data for that book, magazine or web page. Select all the ones you want, set a format for your bibliography (MLA, APA or others) and it automatically creates the bibliography.

They are working on a Japanese version, and the next version will also make all your data available across the web. I do research on about 4 different computers and this will be a godsend.

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