coordinate with different groups
coordinate with different groups

Google’s applications online go beyond an office suite, this calendar makes it easy to coordinate your own life, and share coordination with others using their calendars too. This is particlularly valuable in setting meeting times.

I have 3 different calendars in one, with stuff added to some of them. My personal calendar has all my information, but does not include the phases of the moon, for example. I have a calendar for my friends and family, and another for my volunteer work, and finally another for my “paid hobbies” (work). I have my reminder deadlines inserted automatically (by a service called Remember the Milk, another upcoming tool). I can control who sees, and who can interect on each calendar (I have one for students if they want to make an appointment with me, for example). Versions in English, Japanese and many other languages.

2 thoughts on “Tool #25: Google Calendar”
  1. I think that it's useful for job hunting. Because we have to write much information, but we can't write all information on our diary. In addition, The diary becomes dirty. Therefore if we could use the Google Calendar, it would be very useful.

  2. I'ts very useful site for manage the schedule!! We can check it outside without schedule books.
    Therefore this site is recommended especially for people doing job hunting.

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