Tool #62: Augmented Learning

M-learning is augmented

M-learning is augmented

MIT Press has a recet book out on Augmented Learning. With e-learning and m-learning (mobile), and alternative reality games, there is a new movement to take the learning outside the classroom. This book provides research and suggestions on how to make that work in today’s educational situation.

Japan is the best place on earth to implement this kind of learning. Yet, it is almost unknown. I attended a Wireless Learning conference in Nagoya this weekend, and found that even pioneers are not using mobile learning. Asked by one of the keynote speakers from England, some replied that students were expected to sit at a desk to learn. With attendance requirements, I can understand this. It is almost impossible to take a field trip at my university. So sad, to be shuttered up in a closet-like room with nothing on the walls for input, one of the worst learning environments possible. Break free with this book.

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