Teaching with Twitter
Teaching with Twitter

I’ve recommended Twitter already, in Tool #53, but here is a long list of ideas about how to use twitter for learning and teaching.

Twitter is very, very popular these days. It is gaining in popularity in Japan. You post short messages about what you are doing thinking or discovering, and people follow you, they can read these posts. It is easy to set up a class like this and get feedback on your lectures, but there are many more ways to use this tool.

One thought on “Tool #96: Twitter: A Teacher’s Guide”
  1. Twitter has become the most central and powerful part of my on-line network. I have valuable (though brief!) conversations with other educators from around the world, I am constantly exploring interesting links that are posted, and I've built relationships that have spilled over Twitter's walls into email, my blog, Facebook, and even real-life! I'm glad you found my guide to be helpful – it's so important to share our enthusiasm with others because the more great people on Twitter, the better it will be!!

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