Tool #46: Moodle: Course Management System

Moodle Course Management Software
Moodle Course Management Software

Moodle Course Management System is a lot like Blackboard, but better.It is multilingual, which means people can use the software with everything in their own language. Moodle is designed by teachers, and works much better for teachers. It is also free, where Blackboard is very expensive.

I’ve been using Moodle for about 10 years now. I used to use it only with my computer classes, but now, I use it with all my classes. It helps me organize by putting all my assignments, quizzes, materials, and anything to do with the class in one place on line. It keeps track of all my students, and keeps them separate and safe from outsiders. It automatically assigns grades to tests or other evaluations (there are many types). It makes life easier.

I won’t kid you, it does take a lot of work to set up, but you can get a service to do it for you (try Mistek here in Japan). Once you get it set up, though, you can extend the student experience outside of class, make it happen in between classes with online discussions, and many other kinds of interaction.

This is by far the most useful tool I have talked about for English teachers.