Tool #47: The Moodle Community

Moodle users share ideas

Moodle users share ideas

Moodle Community is a group of people that will help you with your new Moodle installation. You see, Moodle, like Linux, is a kind of software made with a system called Open Source. People get together and help out with writing and making the software. They give freeely of their time and skills to help everyone else. That is how some of the best software in the world gets made, for free. And the one rule is that everyone has to share for free.

People don’t just write software, they write documentation for how to use it, and if there are questions, they help answer them. The Moodle Community is excellent for this. I have always gotten quick answers to my questions about my problems when using Moodle. They are consistenly faster, and have better information than many commercial software sites like Microsoft. Open Source is just better. Never mind that it is free, too. If you have a question about Moodle, I’d be happy to try to answer it over at Moodle Community.

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