Part of a MOOC is figuring out how it works. Our second day assignment was to collaborate with others on a document defining a MOOC. I go to the collaboration page and get this .

No list of current collaborations.

None yet?








The Current Collaborations section is empty (for me). Not sure how the collaborative part comes in. Maybe it is because I am in Tokyo, and thus experience things half a day ahead of the western hemisphere. I guess I will start a new one? The instructions intimate that there are some collaborations already set up….and Chris seems to have found it…(iMac OSX 10.7 using Chrome)

Update: This got sorted about an hour after I posted this. The Google Docs were manually set up, and I was asking the setter-upper at 4 AM his time. Things all going smoothly now, but foresee lots of time zone issues in a course this short.