MOOCs. I’ve lost count. There was CCK08, then PLENK10 and Change11, then it starts getting fuzzy. DS106 stands out, and there is a mobimooc coming up next month and Learning 2.o Virtual Conference (similar to a MOOC), on August 20-24, just after this one ends.

But this week, we have MOOCMOOC, a MOOC about MOOCs. Just perusing the self introductions, it looks to be a high powered week. Intensive too. The mooc is only one week long, far shorter than I have ever experienced.

MOOCMOOC schedule
Each day this week is chock full of MOOC stuff about MOOCs







Thanks to Becky at rjh.goingeast for the pointer to the MOOCMOOC. It is memorial week here in Japan, where Tokyo empties out and everyone goes to their home town. I’m too far away, so I have some extra time. Perfect placement.

My only concern is figuring out which day I am in, since I am about 16 hours ahead of California. We’ll see.